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This includes:

-Japanese fashion magazines, brand-related items & merchandise
-lolita brand/style items
-General fashion
-Jewelry & accessories (brand-name or otherwise)
-BPAL Perfume oils
-& more!

Baby The Stars Shine Bright logo earrings
Worn once or twice, then put in my jewelry box. $27

Metamorphose "Happy Cake" rucksack (drawstring backback)
Please note that I used this back for a couple of years as a travel/con bag, so it's got some discoloration around the opening of the bag, on the back of the bag, and in a couple of spots on the front. They're hard to photograph, but they ARE noticeable in person--but only up close. The print itself is still in perfect condition, though, and the bag has no rips or tears, so it's still perfectly usable (esp. for conventions or travel). It's been recently hand washed by me, but you might be able to get more of the spots/discolorations out if you machine washed it or knew some tricks, perhaps? I wasn't brave enough to try. $12

Whip cream ribbon adjustable ring
Bought at a con years ago, handmade. Very cute! $3

Off-brand lolita crown tote bag

(Plush photographed to show size)


Used, but still in pretty good condition. Has been recently washed, however there is some slight discoloration on the handles/straps that the wash did not remove. It's not terribly noticeable, though, as you can see from the photo.

Off-brand black crown scarf
Soft, made of tshirt-type material. Worn once or twice, still like new! Great for lolita-style.

Pink cupcake pocket mirror

Blue metallic mini purse
Cute, sorta Juicy Couture-inspired little sky-blue metallic bag with white details

FRUiTS Japanese fashion magazine '02 back issue
I can't remember what month this is, but I can try to look it up. In excellent condition.

Takuya Angel official brand logo sticker
From the Japanese fashion brand Takuya Angel.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (BPAL)
Full bottle of FUWU BANSAKU IN RUINED TEMPLE WITH BLACK MONSTER ON UMBRELLA (Sakura-con 2010 exclusive): $18

how much for the Fruits Basket "onigiri" purse to be shipped to the UK?
According to the US Postal rate calculator, the cheapest to the UK would be $14.74. If you're still interested, please let me know!