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Please read first!
-Please comment with what items you're interested in buying & where you're located to check if an item is still available & so I can get an estimate on shipping.
-I take Paypal only at this time! Sorry!
-Shipping isn't included in the prices & depends on what you buy & where you live! If you want an estimate on shipping, I'd be more than happy to give you one! I generally ship the cheapest way possible unless 1. it's a large item & a flat-rate box might be cheaper/equal value, 2. the item could break or damage easily, in that case I'd have to package it in a larger box with the appropriate bubble wrap/padding/ec, or 3. you request a different shipping method.
-Please note that I may add a small amount onto shipping costs to cover packing materials and/or bus fare/gas to my local post office. It's usually not much, but if it's a higher priced item or something heavier to mail it might be a little more, please keep that in mind. :)
-I only take trades when it's an item I'm interested in. I started a wish list here, but you can always feel free to ask!
-Feel free to make offers on prices! If it's fair, I probably won't refuse it. :)

A NOTE BEFORE BUYING: I do have a cat, so persons with extreme cat allergies please be aware! It's not like he rolls around on all of this stuff, but cat hair has a tendency to float around sometimes, so I just want to put that out there. I don't own any other animals, however, and our home is strictly non-smoking!

-If we've done business before, feel free to leave a feedback comment on this post as well!

Feedback specifically for this journal:
Positive: +25
Neutral: 0
Negative: 0

Other Feedback:
eglfeedback (since 2010): 100% positive
Den of Angels (since 2007): 100% positive
eBay (since 2000): 100% positive
Listia swapping feedback

I'm also a swapper at Listia! I periodically put up listings for anime/manga related stuff, as well as books, toys, and DVDs, so feel free to "Fan" me there!

Thanks, and happy shopping!

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Buyer was prompt with her payment and there were no issues =3 Looking forward to do more business in the future~!
I bought Rurouni Kenshi stationery from her last year and it was a nice transaction! She's the bee's knees.
Aww, thanks hon!
I've bought from sobloodycute before and it had been a pleasant experience. The most recent was a cute Caster figure which was not only packaged securely, but arrived pretty quick!

Thanks a bunch for her. She's so cute \o/
Yay, thanks hon! Glad it made it there safely! :D
I picked up an assortment of items from sobloodycute, and they all arrived safely and very well-packaged a couple of days after she'd let me know they shiped. No problems or hesitation about buying here! ^_^
Very friendly seller~ She shipped my items promptly and kept in touch :3 Would definitely love to buy from her again~
I bought a Gundam poster and Chobits books and CD from un_birthdaycakes. Seller had excellent communication. Items were packaged with care and arrived lickity-split. Will definitely deal with this seller again! ^^
Thank you so much! :)
Just letting you know I received my snitch purse today! It's so cute! Thank you so much! Fast shipping and honest seller. :)
Oh, wonderful! Thank you so much! :D
Wanted to let you know I got my manga today :)
Arrived perfect, nothing bad to say.
Awesome, thanks for letting me know! :D
I bought a Link figure, and a megaman pin, both at great prices, and received them in excellent timing, condition, and packaging.
I will definitely buy from her again!
Overall experience: 5/5
Shipping & Packaging: 5/5
Communication: 5/5
Fast shipping, great communication! And the items I purchased are just to die for! Thank you so much! I love this pillow more than anything! ♥
I look forward to buying from you again!!!
So glad you enjoy it! ;)
Excellent Seller!

Prices were great and Shipping quick! Communication was Excellent and I enjoyed the transaction very much!!!
(Deleted comment)
I'm the seller
Communication 5/5
Shipping (n/a)
Overall: 5/5 - thank you for your sale, enjoy!
Thank you!
Bought the Poromon plush! Seller was prompt with sending it out and it arrived in perfect shape! I love this girl~ Thank you so much!
Awww, what a cute pic! :D I'm glad it got to you safely!
Both posters arrived quickly and in good condition!

Very excited to put them up on my wall at home. :D Thanks so much! :D
Yay! Thanks, hon! :D
I bought three manga and they arrived in a timely manner and in great condition. Seller was very nice and understanding when I had to us an e-check. Would definitely buy from her again.

^.^ Thank you!
Thank you so much! I'm glad everything got to you ok. :D
Great buyer, paid super-fast!

Bought a manga from here. Communication was very good, very friendly and shipped within good time. Well packaged and arrived in condition expected. Thank you!
Eeeee I was so happy to get my Tokyo Mew Mew bag X3 thanks again! Such fast shipping O.O
Thanks so much, so glad you like it! :D
Heehee funny, I was staring at it for a while the moment I got it XD

bought a couple of items which were promptly shipped out and packaged well! very pleased with my purchase, would buy from again!
Thanks! I'm glad you got everything ok. :D
i sure did! my mom like legit squee'd when i opened it up and she saw the hello kitty coin purse. :,D

and golly that stationery you used to write the little note with was so kawaii and lafljaljaflsj i'm so happy. ;A;
Positive +1

Bought Paradise Kiss manga vol 1, good communication and prompt shipment. Would do business again ^^

Bought two volumes of GSC from me. Fantastic communication, prompt payment and a breeze to deal with! Would definitely do business with again ^-^! Thanks!
Positive +1

I traded for an adorable Pakkun Nintendo DS holder. Everything went smoothly and my DS is happy in it's new home <3 Communication was great and Pakkun arrived quickly and as described. Thanks a bunch! =D
Positive +1

Bought some Marvel trading cards. Price was extremely reasonable, fast shipping, very good communication, and I assume that she threw in a little freebie elf doll sticker card thing too :3
Would definitely buy from again, it was great doing business. <3
+1 Positive
Bought the Wild Half pencil board. So happy with purchase, seller was quick to respond to my offer, friendly and shipped imediatly! Hope to do buisness with again!!!

Edited at 2013-01-10 07:24 pm (UTC)
Fast shipping, pretty card, would buy from again.
I purchased a Final Fantasy Tactics Advance doijinshi. The seller was curteous and quick to answer any inquiries I had about the sale. The item was delivered quickly and arrived in perfect condition. Plus she has some very interesting items up for sale. So again, thank you very much!
Thanks for the feedback, and your purchase! I appreciate it. :D