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Please read first!
-Please comment with what items you're interested in buying & where you're located to check if an item is still available & so I can get an estimate on shipping.
-I take Paypal only at this time! Sorry!
-Shipping isn't included in the prices & depends on what you buy & where you live! If you want an estimate on shipping, I'd be more than happy to give you one! I generally ship the cheapest way possible unless 1. it's a large item & a flat-rate box might be cheaper/equal value, 2. the item could break or damage easily, in that case I'd have to package it in a larger box with the appropriate bubble wrap/padding/ec, or 3. you request a different shipping method.
-Please note that I may add a small amount onto shipping costs to cover packing materials and/or bus fare/gas to my local post office. It's usually not much, but if it's a higher priced item or something heavier to mail it might be a little more, please keep that in mind. :)
-I only take trades when it's an item I'm interested in. I started a wish list here, but you can always feel free to ask!
-Feel free to make offers on prices! If it's fair, I probably won't refuse it. :)

A NOTE BEFORE BUYING: I do have a cat, so persons with extreme cat allergies please be aware! It's not like he rolls around on all of this stuff, but cat hair has a tendency to float around sometimes, so I just want to put that out there. I don't own any other animals, however, and our home is strictly non-smoking!

-If we've done business before, feel free to leave a feedback comment on this post as well!

Feedback specifically for this journal:
Positive: +25
Neutral: 0
Negative: 0

Other Feedback:
eglfeedback (since 2010): 100% positive
Den of Angels (since 2007): 100% positive
eBay (since 2000): 100% positive
Listia swapping feedback

I'm also a swapper at Listia! I periodically put up listings for anime/manga related stuff, as well as books, toys, and DVDs, so feel free to "Fan" me there!

Thanks, and happy shopping!

Anime Merch | Manga/Artbooks/Doujinshi | Furoku | Fashion/Beauty | Stationary/Crafts | Media & Misc.

This posts includes:

-DVDs & VHS (Anime or otherwise)
-Video games & game-related stuff
-Doll items

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This post includes things like:

-Paper goods
-Letter sets & envelopes
-& more!

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This includes:

-Japanese fashion magazines, brand-related items & merchandise
-lolita brand/style items
-General fashion
-Jewelry & accessories (brand-name or otherwise)
-BPAL Perfume oils
-& more!

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Manga, Anime, and video game Furoku (or rare "bonus" items given in issues of Japanese magazines or at conventions), includes things like:

-Fashion items (bags, totes)
-Pencil boards
-Stationery items
-Figures & toys

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Printed media in this post includes:

-Japanese books
-Doujinshi (please read descriptions of doujinshi for ratings!)

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Anime & Manga related merchandise, including:

-Plushies, toys, dolls, pins, keychains, and other trinkets
-bags, hats, and cosplay stuff
-Stationery goods & merchandise
-jrock stuff
-& more!
-All items are official unless otherwise noted!

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