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Anime & Manga related merchandise, including:

-Plushies, toys, dolls, pins, keychains, and other trinkets
-bags, hats, and cosplay stuff
-Stationery goods & merchandise
-jrock stuff
-& more!
-All items are official unless otherwise noted!

Large Gurren Laggan Yoko cosplay hair accessory
White-colored, cast resin with black painted accents. Like new! $7

Large Pokemon Reshiram action figure (phone to show scale of figure) $5

Mamotte Shugogetten! Trading sticker pack (opened) - Pack has been opened but stickers are new and unused. $3

Lupin the Third keychain set (Zenigata & mystery character) - never used! - $3

Official "Nana" anime mini CD keychain
Cute keychain of a CD that really opens with a fake CD inside! Like new.

Bleach Rukia mini notepad
2 pages missing, so there's still plenty of pages in it! All of them are the same blue pattern with Rukia on them.

Denshin Mamotte Shugogetten photo album
Never used!

Tenjo Tenge pencil board
New in plastic!

Official hide jrock UFO catcher plush
This is an old one...from the early 90s, I believe. He no longer has a tag, and his company tag is a little faded from age, and he has some faint wear on his feet, but otherwise he's in wonderful condition. This style is really hard to find now, I couldn't even find one like him on eBay!

Trigun metallic art print
Given only with the original VHS releases

Fate/Stay Night Taiga/Tiger-Sensei Trading figure
In excellent condition

Mamotte Shugogetten! large clear file
Never used, still in the plastic!

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Sorry for the late reply! I think i'm going to pass on the game for now, but I might be back later to pick up the Nana poster. :)
Ah, ok. Thanks for letting me know!
Question! How big is the Poromon plush?
Hi! It's about 5 1/2 inches tall and about 11 inches wide (wing to wing).
That's not too bad at all! I'd like to snag that if I can! How much is shipping to 76201?
Yeah, I used it for a cosplay costume YEARS ago...I honestly forgot I had it until I found it in a box, lol. ^^

Sure! Shipping would be $5, making your total $10. You can send payment to kawaii_miaka(AT)yahoo.com.
Oh awesome, a fellow Miyako cosplayer! (Can you guess why I'm getting it~?)

Awesome! I'll send that over and PM my address. You're amazing!
Hello!! I just wonder one size or what it size for Bleach KON cosplay hat? Thanks!!
There's no size on it, but it's made of a soft fleecy material that has a lot of give, so it can fit pretty much all sizes. I'm an adult woman with a pretty big head and it fits me just fine. :D
(Deleted comment)
Hi! There's no damage to the purse, unless you could some very light scuffing to the bottom/sides from the one time I used it. I can send it out regular mail for $3, making it $11 total. Let me know if you're interested!
(Deleted comment)
Sure, no problem. :)
Hi!! I want to buy the Nana mini cd but i dont know how to do it!! Please email me azulenmi04@gmail.com 😁