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Printed media in this post includes:

-Japanese books
-Doujinshi (please read descriptions of doujinshi for ratings!)

(All manga is in good condition unless otherwise noted) Feel free to make offers on all manga, I mostly just want to get rid of it! I'll take most reasonable offers. ;)

Naruto vol 33, 36, $2 each or both for $3
Hellsing vols 1-2, $3 each or both for $5

One Piece Vol 7, $2

Pita-Ten vols 1-3: $3 each or take all 3 for $7!

X (X/1999) Japanese OVERSIZED reprint vol 2 SOLD, DragonQuest Monster Plus, vol 2 (Japanese): $2

Junjo Romantica: SOLD, Ai Yori Aoshi vol 17 (BRAND NEW, still in shrink-wrap!): $4 (both 18+ only)

Loveless vols 1-2 (in Japanese): $3 each or $5 for both, Hot Gimmick vol 1: SOLD

Atelier Marie and Elie, vol 2: SOLD!, Yubisaki Milk Tea vol 6 (ages 18+ only): $2

Hikaru no Go vols 1 & 2: $3 each or buy both for $5!

Angel Sanctuary vols 4, 7 (in Japanese): $3 each or $5 for both, Get Backers vol 1: SOLD!

Alice 19th (in Japanese) vol 1: $2, Captain Tsubasa (in Japanese) vol 13: $1

Monster (in Japanese) vol 1: $2, Ribon "mini" extra (Japanese): SOLD!

Princess Tutu vols 1-2: SOLD!!, Peace Maker Kurogane vol 1: $2

Ayashi no Ceres (in Japanese) vol 5: $2, Bastard!! (in Japanese) vol 12: $3 (ON HOLD)

Legal Drug (in Japanese) vol 1: $2, Yu Yu Hakusho (in Japanese) vol 2: $2

Princess Ai vol 1: $1, Seraphic Feather: SOLD


Disney "Mickey's Gulliver's Travels" storybook (in Japanese)
A great teaching tool or just a cool Disney collectable!

(for anything with adult content, you will need to be 18 or over to purchase it from me)

Tokyo Pyu Pyu
Series: Tokyo Mew Mew
ADULT content. This is a pretty thick one, about 80 pages. Mostly focused on Ichigo
More info here: http://doujinshi.mugimugi.org/book/72456/

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Ah, I'm not sure off the top of my head...let me check and I'll get back to you!
ok, looks like the first half is Ichigo & Kisshu, some pin-ups/one page gags or art, and a shorter part with Ichigo & a possessed student/villain of the day sort of character.
(Deleted comment)
I believe he makes an appearance in that last story, but he doesn't get..."involved"...so to speak, lol.

Sadly, I don't get the opportunity to buy much doujinshi anymore, but if I ever spot something I'll letcha know!
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It arrived today. Thank you very much ^^
Thanks! I appreciate you letting me know. :)
Ah, I know you sold it already but the Ribon mini manga cover - which anime/manga is on the front? It looks so cute :-D
It's actually 5 different characters from 5 different series, so I have no idea. Sorry!
Is this still available? Thanks!

Junjo Romantica vol 4 (BRAND NEW, still in shrink-wrap, out of print!): $7
Hi! Is Clover volume 2 in English? If so, how much would shipping be to Canada?
Yes, Clover is in English! It would cost $9.25 to ship to Canada according to the USPS online price calculator.
Ah, okay. I think I'm going to pass for now. Thank you!
It's understandable--the USPS recently raised their shipping rates to Canada crazy-high, it's really annoying. :/