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Manga, Anime, and video game Furoku (or rare "bonus" items given in issues of Japanese magazines or at conventions), includes things like:

-Fashion items (bags, totes)
-Pencil boards
-Stationery items
-Figures & toys

Ciao furoku shitajiki/pencil board of "B.B. Explosion" and "Jolly Roger☆Fantasy"

"I Love Baby" Mamacolle mini denim zipper pouch from Nakayoshi

Aishiteruze Baby/I Love Baby furoku "Friends Profile" Book, $1.50

Ribon furoku Memorial Binder
Featuring art from various Ribon manga titles, such as "Aishiteruze Baby", "Ultra Maniac", etc. This cute mini binder comes with a mini plastic sleeve (to hold cards, stickers, whatever) and info sheets for you and your friends to fill out. Super cute furoku item and very rare!

KareKano (His & Her Circumstances) promo postcards
These came with an issue of Japanese Newtype back in 98 or 99, so they're fairly rare now. Because they were in a magazine, there are some scuff marks from being shuffled around in the mail on the front and on the back, but nothing too terrible.
$2 for all 3

Shin-chan promotional hand-fan
With a "speech bubble" on one side, and the show's logo on the back. Given out only at conventions.

Excel Saga promo poster
Has small tack holes, but otherwise in excellent condition

Lovely Complex movie mini poster
Brand new, never hung up!

One Piece iron-on sheet
Small sheet of iron-ons, only available in one of the Japanese info books.

Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch hair elastic
New in plastic, never opened!

Shueisha/Weekly Shounen Jump promotional trading cards
These are old, released long before Naruto was animated
$2 for all 3!

Sugar Sugar Rune fuzzy mini bag
Given away only in issues of Nakayoshi, this mini bag has the series name/logo printed inside the lining

Olba & Shagia Frost Gundam X poster
Promo poster from Japanese Newtype magazine in '96. Never used!

B'tx poster
Promo poster from Japanese Newtype magazine (I think from '95? Not sure). Never used!

Penicillin Jrock poster
From a back issue of SHOXX, never hung up, very hard to find.

Nakayoshi double-sided poster
Furoku from Nakayoshi magazine. A little crinkled from being folded up, but it was like that when I purchased the magazine. Never hung up and really cute!

Ciao "Cute Iron-ons" sheet
Sheet of adorable iron-ons featuring characters published in Ciao magazine, complete with instructions on the back (in Japanese, but they're illustrated and simple to follow). Great for shirts or tote-bags!

Nakayoshi info cards
Cute information cards featuring Nakayoshi characters! Fill out the cards with your personal info and give them to your friends!

Hi, do you still have the Wild Half promo pencil board?
Yes, it's still available!
Awsome! So what would be the price for shipping it to 07860?
S/h would be $2.50, making the total $6.50. If you're still interested, you can paypal me at kawaii_miaka(AT)yahoo(dot)com. :)
Thats great, I'll send the money to you now w/ my address!
Thanks! I should have it in the mail on Friday unless something comes up. I'll let you know for sure when it's sent. :)
Alright, thank you again! And also my email is M.Acheson@ymail.com.

Edited at 2013-01-04 11:45 pm (UTC)
Sent your package out this morning! You should get it soon. :)
Thank you! I'll message you when I recive it! :3
Hey ,I want hair elastic,but i don't know how to buy in this page. Can You help me?
Hi, this selling journal hasn't been updated in quite some time (as you can see by the last date being 2 years ago) & I no longer have this item but thank you for your new interest.